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Signal Alarme est maintenant ADT - le fournisseur de sécurité résidentielle no 1 au Canada.

Nous offrons une grande variété de solutions de sécurité résidentielle, commerciale et personnalisée, ainsi que des solutions d'urgences médicales pour les aînés. De plus :

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Signal Alarm is now ADT - Canada's #1 Home Security provider.

We offer a wide variety of solutions for home, business and personalized safety as well as medical emergency solutions for seniors. In addition, we have:

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Wireless Alarm System : The Benefits

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The installation of a network of alarm systems can be complex and costly in Montreal. With the advent of the wireless alarm system, many people have abandoned wired alarm systems. Several reasons justify this choice.In Montreal, regarding a home security system, many homeowners are opting for a wireless alarm system

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The number of fires is increasing every year in Montreal. These fires are responsible for multiple deaths and injuries. In general, victims are not informed in time due to faulty or missing smoke detectors.In order to protect one’s home and family, it is essential to install a certain number of

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Video surveillance cameras : the benefits of IP security cameras

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To fully protect the family, property and the house, one must install a security system that meets the latest technological standards. We can now choose from a large number of protective devices and IP security cameras that include new innovations in the field of video surveillance in Montreal.IP security cameras

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Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems

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A residential alarm system is designed to protect homes from intruders with advanced equipment. A security system can control a home or commercial business through detectors, alarm systems, surveillance cameras and other security hardware technology. Such a system can protect multiple points of entry in a residence.In a security

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Home Security System and Insurance Premium

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Installing a security system in a home affects the insurance premium. Once the homeowner installs a highly secure system, the insurance company reduces the insurance premium.Having the choice amoung various security systems benefits the subscriber. Thus, we must choose a system, to benefit from the discount of the insurance premium.

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A Fire Alarm System Is the First Step

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A couple summers ago I decided to try something new: sailing. A 25 foot keel boat to be exact. I had always wanted to but because I didn't know where to start I signed up for a week long introductory course. One thing I learned was that the number one

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Is a Dog a Good Security System?

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Home security is an important consideration for most homeowners – and it has been since ancient times. One of the most ancient forms of providing security (other than keeping watch all night around the bonfire) is having a dog. Dogs used to be trained to attack intruders or anyone unfamiliar.

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Security Cameras: some questions answered

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Security cameras are often a part of home security systems. As camera systems have become less expensive over the years, more and more homeowners are deciding to install them. New developments have made it easier to access them, today even over smartphones and the internet. But there are several questions

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How alarm systems know when there is an intruder: an overview

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Home and business alarms work on the same principals. They use various technologies to find out whether someone has entered the monitored space and whether that person is authorized or not.


An alarm system can't just go off when anyone enters. There has to be a way to allow

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Is an anti-theft home alarm system worth the investment?

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A modern home can be a complicated thing. It is essentially a network of systems put together to ensure the comfort and well-being of the people occupying it. Alarm systems are just one of those systems. In this post I examine whether alarm systems are worth the cost – whether

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