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Home security is an important consideration for most homeowners – and it has been since ancient times. One of the most ancient forms of providing security (other than keeping watch all night around the bonfire) is having a dog. Dogs used to be trained to attack intruders or anyone unfamiliar. In fact, in the middle ages in England, dogs (these were often breeds descended from war dogs used in battle) were let out at night to roam the countryside and travellers were advised to climb a tree to sleep in if they didn’t make it to shelter before dark.

Today we don’t have the Hound of Baskervilles attacking us, but many people still consider a dog to be adequate security. We all have pictures of Dobermans or Pit-bulls ready to jump at the throat of anyone hostile. But there are several reasons it’s better to invest in a more sophisticated (electronic) security system.

Dogs can often be pacified with treats or kind words or can be “put down” in any number of ways. Professional burglars know this and usually don’t fear dogs. It is just the amateur who doesn’t know how to deal with them who thinks they are a menace.

Dogs require a lot more upkeep. This is fine if you were really looking for an excuse for a pet, but keeping a dog well trained, ready to be friendly with you but aggressive with the burglar, is a serious investment of time and money.

Most people bitten by dogs are not intruders. Are you covered by insurance in this regard? You’re alarm system can’t really send someone to the hospital while your Doberman certainly can. Dogs can also be a nuisance when they bark or are otherwise obnoxious.

Several breeds are outlawed, and even if they are not, a more fierce-looking dog may not be appreciated by your neighbors or those coming to visit.

And finally, your home insurance company almost certainly doesn’t recognize a dog as a sufficient source of security and so will not discount your premiums as it would with a real home security system.

Here is a nice article with more detail on the dog debate. Of course, most people get a dog for other reasons. That’s great. Just don’t get one to roam you’re back yard at night and be a night watchman; you’ll be disappointed.