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The number of fires is increasing every year in Montreal. These fires are responsible for multiple deaths and injuries. In general, victims are not informed in time due to faulty or missing smoke detectors.

In order to protect one’s home and family, it is essential to install a certain number of smoke detectors.

Tips on the Use of Smoke Detectors

Regarding the installation of smoke detectors, it is advisable to install an alarm system based on the type of home. In the case of a multi-storey house, the owner must install a smoke detector on each floor.

In the case of a large coffee house, the owner must install several smoke detectors. It is advisable to install smoke detectors near or in all rooms so that the alarm can wake all family members in case of alerts.

To avoid false alarms, avoid installing smoke detectors near the kitchen. In the case where the detector is installed in the kitchen, it could activate or deactivate during and after cooking.

Concerning the installation of a smoke detector, it is advisable to seek the help of a specialist in the field The fire alarm system shall be installed on the ceiling, a good distance from the room’s walls.

It is recommended to regularly check your fire alarm system to know that it works properly. To remember, you can check your system every 6 months.

You should know that the life of a smoke detector is approximately10 years. One must change each respective fire alarm system every 10 years. Expiration dates are listed on the packaging of smoke detectors.

Your smoke detector of choice purchased must meet the specs provided by Underwriters Canada (ULC).

Be Vigilant in the Use of Your Fire Alarm System

May fires occured while there was a fire alarm system in place. To save the family, property and home from a fire, apply certain rules relating to vigilance. In fact, we must remove the newspapers, magazines and any combustible materials, from heat sources.

We must also avoid placing furniture near electric heaters, and avoid using multiple electric heaters. These simple steps can prevent fires in the home.

Also avoid certain dangerous habits. In fact, these patterns also relate to the use of cooking appliances. When cooking with a heater, one must ensure that it has the heat off before leaving the house. Buying a home extinguisher is recommended to deal with a fire. Every family must learn to use a fire extinguisher.

Finally, at least once a year, it is important to consult a professional heating company to sweep the fireplace chimney. It is easy to find a professional in this field in Montreal.

Installing an alarm system and monitoring rules vigilantly can prevent many fires.