Residential Security Alarm Systems

Need an Alarm?

“Protect your home and loved ones day and night”

Sometimes being at home is no longer enough to be safe. In fact, home invasions (people coming into your house unsuspectingly, while you and/or your family are still inside) have dramatically increased over the last ten years. Our superior technology will protect you, your home and your family day and night, whether you’re inside or outside your home.Did you know that installing an alarm system will significantly reduce your home insurance premiums? Once the Alarm System is installed and connected to the Central Station, ask us to provide you with an Alarm Monitoring Certificate for your insurance company.Think about it, you can now protect the interior and exterior of your residence, all your stuff, the people you care about most, and get a reduction on your insurance premium.

Our Products:

  • Complete alarm system to protect against theft composed of Contacts on Doors, Motion Detectors in vulnerable areas, Glass Break Detectors to protect windows and glass doors and Panic Buttons to send off a Silent alarm to advise the police of an emergency and to go onsite without any delay.
  • Protect yourself against Fire and Poisonous Gases, equipment used Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Carbone Monoxide Detectors and Natural Gas Detectors.
  • Water Sensors, High temperature and Low temperature Detectors can protect against our harsh weather conditions.
  • Get live, daily, weekly or monthly email updates on your cell phone on all alarm activity.
  • 24 hour remote DVR access to view cameras, watch over interior and exterior perimeters at all times.
  • Extended warranty, subscribe to our maintenance package and never have to worry to pay for repairs (excludes battery replacement)
  • Remote system arming, get full control of your Alarm System on your smartphone.

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