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To fully protect the family, property and the house, one must install a security system that meets the latest technological standards. We can now choose from a large number of protective devices and IP security cameras that include new innovations in the field of video surveillance in Montreal.

Principles of IP security cameras

IP security cameras operate from the Internet Protocol, and in order to handle it, you require a built-in web server, which need to be considered. These can be manipulated from a computer or smartphone remotely by installing a web browser.

IP security cameras offer several possibilities. They allow you to visualize a remote area via a smartphone or computer. They also allow you to take pictures live, make recordings, and will alert you in case of intrusion via a message.

Video surveillance cameras work based on the type of software installed. Thus, some security systems work based on certain events. In the viewing area, an alert can be triggered when the alarm detects camera movement. Such cameras can also shoot in the dark thanks to the use of infrared LEDs.

Wireless, Wi-Fi and wired IP cameras

Wired IP cameras feature an Ethernet that can connect to a router. Ethernet wired IP cameras allow images to be fluidly recorded because the flow is high and stable. The installation of this type of camera is easy. For monitoring outside of a residence, there must be a very long cable.

The Wi-Fi wireless IP cameras can connect to wireless internet. This type of surveillance camera offers a rate sufficient to run a security system. The installation of IP cameras without Wi-Fi or wireless, is easier and more discreet.

The characteristics of IP cameras

There are several types of IP cameras on the market in Montreal, and you can make choices based on technical specifications. To purchase an IP camera, you must initially consider the optical part of the device ie sensitivity, visual field, night vision, autofocus, openness, and the explosion of the device.
You must then consider the audio portion of the device. This part concerns the speakers and the microphone. You can make a choice from different technical characteristics to meet your requirements or preferences.

The advantages of IP cameras

IP cameras can record images and videos on different types of storage media. They can record onto a USB stick or memory card. This type of recording can be done with an SD slot, micro SD or USB port.
It is also possible to record on a remote FTP server. In this case, the recording is on a network drive (NAS) or an Integrated Box (internet) hard drive.

In addition, a recording is possible on a dedicated server Network Video Recorder. This server saves images and videos from IP cameras. Organizations typically use this type of recording via their security system.